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Cyprien Gaillard
Fields of Rest
Medium: Silkscreened polaroid, aluminium frame
Year made: 2009
b.1980 in Paris Cyprien Gaillard lives and works in Berlin. Gaillard has a special interest in contemporary landscapes as sites of loss and potential which is evident through his portrayal of architecture, history and nature. Gaillard’s ‘Fields of Rest’ is a sequence of framed polaroids that capture the abandoned architecture of graveyards. His use of polaroids ties in with the idea of destruction as polaroid film is hard to conserve and fades easily. The red Cherokee symbolises the displacement of Red Indians across America. The Cherokee motif once illustrated Red Indians but over the past fifty years and the modernisation of America the meaning of this image has changed. In contrast with the polaroid film which will fade, the Cherokee image will only grow.
Location: White Plains
Date acquired: 17 March 2010
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