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Ed Ruscha
L.A.S.F #1
Medium: Colour soft ground etching
Year made: 2003
b.1937 in Nebraska, Edward Ruscha lives and works in Los Angeles. Ruscha is strongly associated with the Pop art movement and works with different media. His work consistently combines the cityscape of his adopted hometown, Los Angeles, with vernacular language to communicate a particular urban experience. ‘L.A.S.F’ is an elaboration on a smaller portfolio by Ruscha from 2001. The large etchings show intersections from Los Angeles and San Francisco juxtaposed one over the other. The street names bring together shared American vocabulary and culture. Intersections are important for Ruscha as all his works of various Californian cityscapes have had a huge impact on American landscape art.
Location: Miami
Date acquired: 21 January 2009
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