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Jamie Shovlin
Medium: Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper, Crayola crayons
Year made: 2007
Jamie Shovlin (b. 1978, British) is interested in the tension between truth and fiction, reality and invention. His painstakingly researched and executed works question the way in which we map and classify the world around us in order to understand it. Shovlin staged his first exhibition in 2004 basing it on what he claimed where the drawings of a disappeared schoolgirl called Naomi V. Jelish. He supported this claim with newspaper cuttings and diaries, and the work was bought for £25,000 by Charles Saatchi. Saatchi only realised the work was a hoax halfway through the exhibition when he noticed that the girl’s name, and that of the teacher John Ivesmail, were both anagrams of Jamie Shovlin.
Location: London
Date acquired: 16 July 2007
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