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Jeff Koons
Dolphin (Bicycle Rack), from the portfolio 'In the darkest hour there may be light'
Medium: Lithograph
Year made: 2006
Since his emergence in the 1980s Jeff Koons (b. 1955, Pennsylvania) has blended the methods of Pop, Conceptual, and appropriation art with craft-making and popular culture to create his own unique iconography, often controversial and always engaging. His work explores contemporary obsessions with sex and desire; race and gender; and celebrity, media, commerce, and fame. A self-proclaimed "idea man," Koons hires artisans and technicians to make the actual works. For him, the hand of the artist is not the important issue: "Art is really just communication of something and the more archetypal it is, the more communicative it is."
Location: London
Date acquired: 01 December 2006
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