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Roland Hicks
The more I gave the less I got
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year made: 2001
Roland Hicks' paintings have a cinematic quality whereby everyday objects are given an unlikely sense of beauty and a heightened sense of presence suggesting dramatic events. Hicks has long been a leading figure in the contemporary visual arts world, numbering Saatchi under his list of collectors, and is renowned for his ability to bring to life the inanimate, domestic objects which clutter our everyday existence. He begins with a close-up photograph of singular, discarded domestic items of the home and workplace and transfers them onto canvas to create a seemingly photo-realistic copy of the original. His work has a deceptive clarity, although faithfully translated from the photography, the objects are thrown into blurred relief against a soft-focus, anonymous background.
Location: Birmingham
Date acquired: 20 January 2003
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