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Carlos Amorales
Medium: Screenprint on paper
Year made: 2006
Carlos Amorales (b. 1970, Mexico City) works in a variety of media, including video animation, painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance. Much of his work examines contemporary Mexican culture and values. Since 1998, Amorales has been building his "Liquid Archive", a digital database of his drawings in the form of vector graphics. The graphics, birds, spiders, trees, kneeling figures in blacks, reds, and grays reappear throughout his work and provide his signature style. Amorales has exhibited internationally solo exhibitions at the MALBA, Buenos Aires; Milton Keynes Gallery, UK; Yvon Lambert Paris; the MUCA in Mexico City; and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Location: Lisbon
Date acquired: 10 April 2006
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