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Florian Sussmayr
Medium: Oil on linen
Year made: 2010
b.1963 Florian Süssmayr lives and works in Munich, Germany. Süssmayr uses photographic material as his principle source, his work has a wonderful grasp of light and atmosphere and is characterised by the use of a palette of monochromatic dark browns. Süssmayr has his roots in the social and political subculture pervasive in Germany in the 1980s. With a background in post-punk music and as a cameraman Süssmayr began painting portraits in the late 1990s. His work depicts emotions not often seen in daily life, such as ecstatic excitement and intoxication. His subjects are taken from punk and rock social scenes and act as an investigation of the personal attributes of that society as well as portraying social unrest and police intervention.
Location: Manhattan
Date acquired: 09 March 2010
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