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Candida Hofer
Musée du Louvre Paris VII 2005
Medium: C-Print
Year made: 2005
b.1940 in Germany Candida Höfer has exhibited worldwide with works shown at the Musee de Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art, New York among others. Höfer’s photographs focus on the stillness and elegance within an ”architecture of absence.” Höfer concentrates on public spaces including museums, hotels, libraries and other buildings devoid of human presence. Höfer describes these spaces as somewhere you can meet and communicate, a place where you can share knowledge, relax and recover. In many of her photographs although there are no people, the presence of them is strongly implied by the empty desks, books and paintings. This presents people as the driving force of collected human history and knowledge.
Location: Munich
Date acquired: 16 April 2009
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