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Lisa Oppenheim
Medium: Silver gelatin black & white photographs exposed and solarized by fire light
Year made: 2013
Lisa Oppenheim is interested in the relationship between photographic process and content. She reasearches images and techniques and translates them through processes that reference both the content of the original image and the way in which it came into existence. Calender 1986-2011, is part of a group of four works which are solarised by the ligth of a flame. The series takes an aerial photograph from the collection of the Imperial War Mueseum as its starting point. For every year of war and armed conflict that has involved the UK since its formation in 1707, Oppenheim has exposed a fraction of a single negative of a smoking bombsite. These images are then reassembled as 'multi-tiled' panes.
Location: London
Date acquired: 11 May 2013
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